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Project of education

Workplace harassment can affect everyone, but the realities are different.


Think, for example, of newcomers who do not know their rights as employees or of a trans person who experiences inappropriate comments about their gender identity?

It is necessary to understand the different realities better to prevent possible violence, particularly sexual violence, and promote a healthy, safe and respectful work environment for everyone.


The project “Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Part of the Job” was created with funding from the Department of Justice Canada to enhance the educational activities offered by the GAIHST for several years.

​Thanks to this project, the GAIHST can support you in raising awareness in your work environment on the issue of psychological, sexual and discriminatory harassment to promote the prevention of violence and the inclusion of the following groups:

  • Immigrant and newcomer women*
  • Indigenous women
  • Women in precarious work situation
  • LGBTQ2S+ Communities

*By “women,” it meant any person who identify themselves with the female gender in its plurality of dimensions.


To find out more about sessions and trainings, consult the services offered here :

To deepen your knowledge, consult our toolbox here :

For any questions or suggestions, contact the project manager and trainer directly :

Do you identify with at least one of these communities and want to tell us about your experience to advance the cause ?

The answers are used to feed the training content and better understand your realities.

If you feel the need, do not hesitate to contact our workers at 514 526-0789.

This service offer is part of the project “Sexual harassment: it’s not part of the job” funded by the Department of Justice Canada over 2019-2024.