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Our services

Help and Information Department

Our counselors take the time to understand clients concerns and try to answer their questions as precisely as possible. A first contact by phone will allow our counselors to evaluate your needs.

Image pour département de relation d'aide
Image pour le département des plaintes

Complaints Department

Our Complaints Department offers different services, such as support or assistance for people who decide to file a legal complaint or a claim relating to a situation of harassment in their workplace.

Education Department

One of the mandates of the GAIHST is to educate the population about matters of harassment at work. This can be done through various awareness activities and trainings.

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Image pour les cafés-rencontres

“Cafés-rencontres” support groups

These activities are the perfect opportunity to meet other people who are going through or gave been through similar situations at work and to share experiences. Moreover, these meetings allow people to talk about other relevant topics, in confidence.