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Territorial acknowledgment

At the GAIHST,  inclusivity, respect and equity towards all existing identities and communities are important values for us. 

To respect these values, the GAIHST wishes to make a tribute and to show respect towards the Indigenous peoples by recognizing its presence on an unceded territory. The acknowledgment is an essential starting point for the establishment of healthy, reciprocal and respectful relationships with the First Nations, but also with the Inuit and Metis communities of Canada. 

In addition to this territorial acknowledgment, the GAIHST encourages its staff members and every people who are associated with the organization, to learn the history of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and Quebec, and to understand their realities in order to be able to work and move forward together, in a safe and respectful manner. 

Additionnal tools to increase your education:

Learning about the different Nations and their territory 

 Learning the pronounciation of “Tiohtiá:ke” and “Kanien’kehá: ka” 

Becoming an Indigenous ally 

Organizations to discover :